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Our brains and resources at the service of technological growth.

Due to a long and successful experience in the safety and security fields, ETEA SICUREZZA GROUP was able to invest constantly in the technical development for fire and explosion simulation and to finance the study of more reliable and cheaper technologies aimed at risk reduction.

• Design and manufacturing of innovative water based firefighting systems with low water consumption

• Design and implementation of mathematical models for dust and gas explosions simulation

• Design and implementation of mathematical models for predictable dust explosion effect simulation

• Design and implementation of mathematical models for predictable fire effect simulation

• Analysis and design of innovative explosion prevention/protection solutions

• Analysis and design of innovative solutions for the detection of exothermic phenomena inside process equipment

The last frontier of Integrated Safety.

Etea Sicurezza Group is today recognized as competent authority in the safety and security fields at an international level.

High qualification and specialization of Etea Sicurezza personnel, long lasting experience in fire and explosion prevention consulting and high-level partnerships allowed Etea Sicurezza Group to achieve a leading position in the worldwide market.

Etea Sicurezza Group operates as EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) implementing safety systems according to the most innovative technologies present in the international market which are manufactured, modified and integrated for the supply of customized systems fully compliant with the international standards.


The science of fires and explosions for new horizons.

The technicians of Etea Sicurezza Group are certified at an international level for the use of simulation software in fire and explosion protection.

DESC (Dust Explosion Simulation Code)

DESC is a dust explosion simulator developed by a Consortium of 11 participants in a project sponsored by the European Community. The main aim of DESC project is to produce a CFD-code (Computational Fluid Dynamics) that can estimate the industrial dust explosion course in complex structures.


FLACS is an advanced tool for the modelling of ventilation, gas dispersion, vapour cloud explosions and blast in complex process areas. FLACS is used for the quantification and management of explosion risks in the offshore petroleum industry and onshore chemical industries.

FSE ( Fire Safety Engineering)

FSE is a fire safety approach based on the application of scientific and engineering principles aimed to the people, property and environment protection in order to estimate a quantitative fire safety level assessment.


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DESC allows to simulate evolution of dust explosion in complex geometries ...


Functional safety is defined as the part of the overall safety of the equipment or process ...


Risk prevention is one of the primary objectives of the assessment of the risks ...


Civil Defence Exhibition & Conference 2015

Etea Sicurezza Group is glad to announce its participation to the Civil Defence Exhibition & Conference in Doha